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PHOENIX E-LEARNING offers subscription to the popular books & digital courses for various Entrance exams from Trusted Publishers (ARIHANT,MTG,TRUEMAN,TONDON,PRADEEP,ERRORLESS). For Students, Wide range of Books, Reading Material,MCQs & Question Book, Test Practice, Solutions & Track of Practice

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About Infinity Pass

Because a library of books is better than one
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About Phoenix E-Learning App

PHOENIX is an established name in IIT | JEE | NEET | FOUNDATION | BOARD preparation, guiding students of 9 | 10 | 11 – 12 Science since 2012. Known for its extensive NEET lectures, IIT-JEE learning sessions & Board Coaching the coaching School has made a mark in the educational arena. The application from the house of PHOENIX GROUP, has been tailored to meet the needs of not just Engineering and Medical aspirants, but also students aiming to ace various examinations like NTSE , IMO , OLYMPIADS , ISO etc.

Our Mission

To find and deliver personalized learning experiences that best suit a student’s learning style.

Our Vision

We consider ourselves to be a studio of excellence, focusing on holistic development and processing these young minds for the best.


Our program paves the way for a strong personality and fuels the desired goals. For us, education is transformation, i.e., growth in all aspects and keeping up with the fast and urban changing world.

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Many high-quality eBooks are available to prepare the candidates for various entrance exams. These eBooks contain all the syllabus-wise concepts explained comprehensively. Read on the go with these high-quality E-Books and save time and money.

High Quality eBooks
Chapter Tests

Tests not only help a person to prepare for the key entrance exams in a timely manner but also help a person in assessing their strong and weak areas.

Junior level competitive exams like NTSE, Olympiads, etc
Clarify your doubts online on Ask An Expert

Our learning process is never complete without query-clarification rounds. Our Ask An Expert section is specially designed for the curious minds who wish to ask, learn, and grow.

video lectures, eBooks, mock tests for IIT JEE & NEET & BOARD exam preparation
GSEB , ICSE, CBSE foundation courses for classes VI,VII ,VIII, IX & X


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