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Target IIT/NIT (11th Maths Group) - 2 Years


This course is specially designed for the students aspiring for admission into IIT/NIT. We, at PHOENIX, believe in adopting a step-by-step approach leading to success at IT/NIT exams. Thus, the teaching begins with the coverage of the Board syllabus. The clarity of concepts hence achieved boosts us & the students too, to move gradually towards the learning of JEE. The pedagogy is designed keeping in mind the grasping of students. Upon the completion of the course, the later part of the academic year is devoted to revision and periodic tests so as to assess the learning done by the student throughout the year and a simultaneous coaching of the topics not properly grasped. These tests comprise of both, Board + IIT/NIT examination pattern.

Subject Subject
Physics Chemistry
Biology Maths
Social Science English Grammer







JEE Main


NEET Biology


NEET Chemistry

Admission Procedures

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Batch April (Phase 1) / June (Phase 2)
Time 1 Year
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